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4.89 Carat Prasiolite Gemstone Batu Permata Prasiolite Berwarna Hijau Bening

We have a nice 4.89 carat prasiolite gemstone here (view it in the photographs at the bottom of this posting).  Technically speaking this is not amethyst as amethyst doesn’t occur naturally in a color green, only purple.  When someone says green amethyst its usually a reference to prasiolite which is a particular form of quartz that when heated has a green appearance. Prasiolite is not on the same level as amethyst and does not hold the same status in the gem world.   There have been findings that prasiolite can be found nature in its green color though that is a rare happening.  In any case our 4.89 carat prasiolite is internally flawless (has no inclusions) and has been cut in a concave fancy fashion.  This gem would make a nice addition or highlight to a silver ring.  If you are interested in it email us at  Thank you. Batu permata natural “Prasiolite” berwarna hijau bening berbentuk potongan concave fancy cushion fashion berat 4.89 carat batu permata ber

1935 Venezuela 10 Grams 2 Bolivares Silver Coin

A 1935 Venezuela 2 Bolivares 10 Gram coin is the subject of this entry. This coin is silver and has .2684 ounces (7.60901 grams) of the precious metal in it.  The front side has an old coat of arms from that country. On the reverse side is an image of Simón Bolívar who led a good part of South America to independence from Spain.  He was also the leader of Gran Colombia which was a large country and area consisting of today’s Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Venezuela as well as parts of Peru and Brazil.  The back  of this coin has Libertador (Liberator in English) struck on it honoring Simón Bolívar. Check out of our silver 1935 10 Gram 2 Bolivares in the photos below.  This coin has seen substantial use and would likely grade good.

289 Troops Guarding Train Stamp 8c 1898 Trans Mississippi

Here we'll examine a Scott 289 Troops Guarding Train US Stamp 8c stamp (used) which is part of 1898 Trans Mississippi issue.  It features US Calvary guarding a train of settlers against Native Americans who viewed the settlers as people encroaching on their lands.  The Trans Mississippi issue of stamps was made with the idea to display the settling of the west and tried to display scenes from both perspectives.  You'll notice this stamp is used with a light cancel, the centering looks to be fine. Perangko kuno delapan cents dari negara Amerika Serikat tahan 1898 di depan pasukan penjaga kereta.

1915 D Barber Quarter

Here we are going to talk about a 1915 D Barber Quarter which can be observed in the pictures at the bottom.  This coin has a metal composition of 90% silver and 10 percent copper.  It features Lady Liberty (as per designer Charles E Barber) facing to the right side with “In God We Trust” above her, stars to her sides and the year (1915 in this case) at the bottom.  In the second picture below you’ll notice the D (for Denver) mint mark below the eagle’s tail feathers.  There were 3.694 million of these made in Denver in 1915. This 1915 D Barber Quarter appears to grade very good. Uang logam koin perak kuno 25 dua puluh Cents dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 1915 tarbuat di bahan sembilan puluh persen perak dan sepuluh persen tembaga.

1999 Commemorative Romanian 2000 Lei Currency Bill

The currency of Romania is known as the Leu (or Lei for more than one unit).  It has been around since the mid-1800s and at times has been pegged to other gold and other currencies including Germany’s and Russia’s.  We are current in the 4rth era of the Leu which started in the year 2005 when it had to be revalued (inflation being the reason). Take a look at the commemorative 1999 Romanian 2000 Lei bank note that we have.  On its obverse is a colorful solar system image with an illustration of the solar eclipse that occurred back in that year.  Notice this particular bill has a prefix starting with #001A (which is more rare only about 1 million printed) than the standard bill.  This one in particular that we have is in uncirculated condition and is a nice addition to a world currency collection.  Send us an email at Thank you, Uang Kertas 2000-Dua Ribu Lei-Leu Dari Negara Romania untuk koleksi.

1923 Netherlands Dutch 5 Cent Coin

At one time The Netherlands made a 5 cent piece coin to circulate for currency.  This particular coin has an interesting look to it as it is square and was made from 1913 until the year 1943.  On its front are the words: KONINGRIJK DER NEDERLANDEN which in English is Kingdom of the Netherlands.  The back has an orange branch with the denomination splitting the date in half.  Though its color is silver its content is copper nickel and the weight of this coin is 4.5 grams.  There were about 10 million struck in that year. See below for pictures of a 1923 Dutch 5 cent piece.  This particular example that we have is in very fine condition.   Feel free to email us for inquiries at Koin persegi empat koin langa dan jarang koin kuno antik dan unik dari Negara “BELANDA”uang logam recehan bentuknya yang sangat unik berbentuk persegi empat koin lim-c 5C produksi dicetak pada tahun 1923 coin cantik bergambar bunga dan design-nya yang unik, Bertuliskan 5’c “KONI

2008 Honduras 5 Cinco Lempiras Currency Bank Note

2008 Honduras 5 Cinco Lempiras Currency Bank Note The currency that the country of Honduras has is known as the Lempiras and its smaller division is called the centavos (100 of which will equal 1 Lempiras).   This Honduran money has been around since the year 1931 and is named for a native leader than lead a resistance to Spain’s colonization of the area. Check out the 5 cinco Lempiras bank note from 2008 that we have below in the pictures.  On its front is an image of General Francisco Morazán who was a leader in central America in the early part of the 1800s.  The back of this paper currency bill has an illustration of the Battle of La Trinidad that Morazán won which gained him control of Honduras.  This 5 Lempiras paper money is in uncirculated condition. Uang Kertas lima Lempiras dari negara Honduras tahun 2008.

Kalung Berlian Diamond Tennis Necklace 13.47 Carat Wow Super Exclusive Super Glamour

Kalung berlian Model style Diamond Tennis Necklace setting degan 18 Karat Emas putih bertahtakan degan berlian disekelilingnya 97 “Buah Pieces” Kalung ini benar-benar super Glamour benar-benar Mewah so Beautiful setiap mata pasti akan tertuju pada anda, Anda akan menjadi pusat perhatian di Pesta anda You’ll Stand Out In Front Of  The Crowd Absolutely Stunning Beautiful and Super Gorgeous!. Description: Natural Diamond Setting Degan: 18 Karat Emas Putih Setting Style: Tennis Prong Set Shape: Round Total Weight 13.47 Carats Wow Super Huge! Contact Kontak for more details.

1943 Canadian Silver Quarter Coin

The Canadian quarter or 25 cent has been around for greater than 130 years, it was first struck in the year 1870.  From its first year of minting until 1968 these had silver in them (bear in mind 1968 had some coins that were 50% silver and others that made entirely in nickel).  Keep in mind 1967 was also a mixed year with some with 80% and others with 50% of the precious metal.  Now from 1920 until 1966 all quarters made in Canada were 80% silver while years prior to those (1870-1919) were 92.5% of it. See the pictures of the 1943 Canadian quarter that we have.  Its obverse has King George the VI of the British Empire on it.  Its back has an image of a Caribou.  This coin has a good amount of wear on its back and because of that may grade very good. Koin perak kuno dua puluh lima cents dari negara Kanada di depan bergambar Raja George VI.

Gemstone Batu Permata Citrine di Jual

Batu Permata, Batu-Mulia, Koleksi Natural Gemstone for Collection Description: Gem Type & Name: Excellent Shining Emerald Cut Yellow Citrine Shape/Cut: Fancy Classic Emerald Color: Best Classic Stunning Yellow Carat: 16.36 Ct. Size: 12. 60 x 6. 90 x 9. 70 mm. Clarity Flawless Super Clean Luster: Excellent Shining  Hardness 7 Moh’s Scale Treatment Natural Unheated. GemStone Origin From Brazil. Harga 12 Juta Rupiah nego

1926 Greek 50 Lepta Coin

In this post we are going to look at a 1926 Greek 50 Lepta coin.  The obverse or front side has an image of the Greek Goddess Athena with a war helmet on her head.  She is an important Goddess in Greek Mythology representing war but also justice, wisdom and many other important things.  The back of this coin has value denomination, the words in Greece for Greek Republic as well as the date.  The metal composition of it is copper and nickel.  It weighs 2.9 grams and in 1926 there were approximately 20 million of these struck.  Our particular coin is in a very fine grade. At the time of this writing the currency in Greece is the Euro.  Formely it was the Drachma which may be adopted again depending on the outcome of the financial crises there. The Lepton was a subunit of the former currency, 100 of which would equal 1 Drachma. Koin kuno 50 Lepta dari negara Yunani tahun 1926.

20 Twenty Burundi Francs Banknote 2007

20 Twenty Burundi Francs Banknotes Currency Bill From 2007 Uang Kertas Dari Negara Burundi Afrika 20 Dua Puluh Francs Tahun 2007 20 Twenty Francs Bill Burundi Mata uang dari Negara Burundi Afrika uang kertas 20 dua puluh francs tahun 2007 bergambar seorang pria lagi menari tarian traditional dari Negara Afrika, kondisi uang kertas ini BARU crisp bersih “UNC Uncirculated” warna merah, uang kertas 20 dua puluh francs produksi untuk tahun 2007 berkode nomer seri : (DU448651) Bertuliskan BANQUE DE LA REPUBLIQUE DU BURUNDI 10-11-2007, 20 Vingt Francs Amafranga Mirong’Ibiri,  IBANKI YA REPUBLIKA Y’UBURUNDI, 20 UNITE-UBUMWE TRAVAIL-IBIKORWA PROGRES-AMAJAMBERE, LE CONTREFACTEUR EST PUNI DE SERVITUDE PENALE . UWUZOKWIGANA IYI NOTI AZOFUNGWA.

Batu Mulia Cat’s Eye Gemstone

Batu Permata, Batu Mulia, Natural Gemstone Color Collection, Description Gem Type & Name: Wonderful Natural Scapolite Cat’s Eye Shape/Cut: Classic Oval Cabochon, Color: Stunning Black Galaxy, Clarity: Natural Opaque, Luster: Perfect Laser Cat’s Eye Wonderful, Carat: 19.68 Ct. Size: 17. 6 x 14. 3 x 10 . 1 mm. Treatment: None, Untreated, Natural, Hardness: 8,5 Moh’s scale. Gemstone Origin From Africa. Harga 4.9 Juta Rupiah

Batu Berlian Berbentuk Marquise Diamonds

Batu Berlian Berbentuk Marquise Marquise Shaped Diamonds Lovely Marquise Shape/Cut Diamond Stunning Classy Elegant And Very Beautiful Story cerita dibalik batu intan permata berlian berbentuk marquise  , Marquise shaped diamonds were supposedly inspired by the mouth of a French royal figure that lived in the 1700s.  It is a long shape with pointed ends that has a similar form to a boat or football.  The marquise has a real opportunity to shine because it has many intricate cuts and facets that if masterfully done can exude a impressive brilliance of light.  Another benefit that shape has going for it is its long length which gives one the impression that the stone is bigger than it may be. One of the major the major keys in obtaining a decent marquise diamond is its cut, go with a minimum good grade but if you can afford it opt for an excellent or ideal.  Remember this is vital in getting the light to shine beautifully when it passes through the stone.  Another important factor is

1984 Japan 1000 Yen Dari Jepang

1984 Japanese Banknote Paper Money 1000 Yen 1000 YEN NIPPON GINKO Image Of “Natsume Soseki” 1000-Seribu Yen Mata Uang Dari Negara Sakura Jepang Tahun 1984 The Yen has been the currency of the nation of Japan for about 140 years.  The production of the first 1000 Yen bill series began in 1950 and then was replaced in 1963 and then again in 1984 and 2004. Below you can see a 1000 Yen 1984 series D bill which features Natsume Soseki on the front.  He was a noteworthy author (lived from 1967 until 1916) and was very well versed in many forms of literature.  The back of the 1000 Yen has a graceful illustration of 2 cranes with their heads pointed up and wings spread open.  The picture below of this banknote would grade very fine beautiful clean crisp with no holes  . Currency Japanese Yen , 1000 Yen mata uang asing dari Negara Jepang uang kertas kuno dari Jepang tahun seri 1984. 1000 YEN NIPPON GINKO Nomer kode series ( RR363709J ) Depan bergambar foto ‘Natsume Soseki” Penulis

Pink Kunzite Gemstones Batu Permata

Batu Permata Kuzite Batu Mulia, Natural Gemstone, Gemstone Color Collection.  2 Stones for sale. Number One Nomer Satu: Description Gem type & name: Magnificent Beauty Extra Sparkling Vivid Pink Kunzite Shape/Cut: Super Brilliant Classic Cushion Color: Stunning Light Sweet Pink Clarity: Flawless, Luster: Excellent Super Sparkling Looks like a Diamond, Carat: 7.93 Ct. Size: 11. 55 x 10.53 x 9. 14 mm. Treatment; Natural Unheated Hardness: 6,5 – 7. Moh’s scale. Gemstone Origin From Afganistan. Contact us for the price, Kontak untuk harga: Stone Number 2 Nomer Dua: Description Gem type & name: Extra Sparkling Clean Vivid Pink Kunzite Absolutely Gorgeous Shape/Cut:Lovely Classic Oval Color: Super Sparkling Light Romantic Pink Clarity: VVS1 Super Clean, Luster: Wonderful Shining like a Star Carat: 3.70 Ct. Size: 10. 1 x 7. 9 x 6. 3 mm Treatment: Natural Unheated  Hardness: 6,5 – 7. Moh’s scale  Gemstone Orig

Sepatu Sandal Berhak Tinggi Luichiny

Seksi Dan Keren Sepatu Sandal Berhak Tinggi Women’s Sandal By Luichiny Model/Style”Nev Re” Gold Studded Super HOT&SEXY High-Heel Sandal Gold Leopard Bronze, High-Heel Shoes Sandal Sepatu Hak Tinggi Seksi Nakal Dan Menggoda Super Hot Exotic Leopard Print High-Heeled Sandals By “Luichiny” Take on an ingenious approach to fashion with this High-Heel platform sandal from Luichiny. Absolutely Super Hot And Sexy !HOT & SEXY Killer High-Heel Sandal In Leopard/Bronze Color trap your posh prey with this platforn leopard print style any hour of the week-day or night!. Seksi Dan Keren Sepatu Sandal Berhak Tinggi Women’s Sandal By Luichiny Model/Style”Nev Re” Gold Studded Super HOT&SEXY High-Heel Sandal Gold Leopard Bronze, Details And Condition: Product Information: NEW OLD STOCK IN BOX. Man-made upper. Open toe. Studded gold plated hardware aligns the vamp. Elasticized inset at heel strap for a sure fit. Lightly padded insole. Covered stiletto heel. Man-made sole. 5″

2008 Mongolian 5 Tugrik Banknote

Here we’re going to talk about a 2008 Mongolian 5 Tugrik Banknote which ther are 2 pictures of below.  On the front of this currency paper money there is a picture of Damdin Sükhbaatar was a political leader that had a big role in the independence of his country of Mongolia.  The currency of Mongolia is known as the Tugrik or  tögrög (issued by the Bank of Mongolia) who began as such in the year 1925.  Now if you look closely at the right side of the obverse of this banknote you’ll see it is an image of Genghis Khan.  In the second image you’ll see the reverse which has picture of two horses grazing with mountains the background. The grade of this 2008 Mongolian 5 Tugrik Banknote appears to be uncirculated. Mata uang lima Tugrik dari negara Mongolia tahun 2008.

1912 Silver Barber Dime Philadelphia Mint

Here in this posting we are going to talk about a 1912 Silver Barber Dime Philadelphia Mint.   It can be seen in the photos underneath.  The mintage of these made in Philadelphia in 1912 was 19,349,300 making it a more common coin as far as the Barber Dimes are concerned.  On its obverse or front side is an image of Lady Liberty.  The reverse side has a wreath surrounding the denomination.  This American 10 cents old coin is made from 90% silver and 10% copper. Check out the pictures below.  This 1912 silver Barber Dime looks to be in a very good grade. Koin perak kuno 10 sepuluh Cents dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 1912

Very Fashionable Women’s Fashion Leather Jacket

Fabulous Super Sexy And Very Fashionable Women’s Fashion Leather Jacket From Designer “BEBE” Model/Style ” Snap Crop 4 Pocket Military Style Leather Jacket” In Very Unique Color Fade Modern Vintage Looks Brown-Color, 100% Asli Original Dari BeBe Collection, Jaket Kulit Trendy Jaket Kulit Asli Branded Dari Designer Terkenal ” BeBe” Jaket Kulit Import Dari Amerika USA Fabulous Super Sexy And Very Fashionable Women’s Fashion Leather Jacket From Designer “BEBE” Model/Style ” Snap Crop 4 Pocket Military Style Leather Jacket” In Very Unique Color Fade Modern Vintage Looks Brown-Color, 100% Asli Original Dari BeBe Collection,  Jaket kulit wanita super keren trendy dan fashionable padukan jaket kulit yang fashionable dan Trendy ini dengan celana blue jeans ketat dan sepatu boots untuk Rocker Lady Look, Atau Padukan Pakai Dengan Sundress Dan Sepatu Pumps Berhak-Tinggi For Stylish And Strong Girly Girl Look :-) Leather jacket are rocks always fashionable and very trendy perfect

1.62 Carat Diaspore Gemstone

In this post we have a great 1.62 carat diaspore gemstone.  View it in the photographs underneath.  Its coloring is quite interesting with yellows, greens and what appears to be light brown. The gem has a natural color shift to it.  Diaspore is a mineral that was discovered way back in the year 1801 but actually hadn’t seen applications in jewelry until recent decades.  Apparently jewelers never really started cutting its in a gemstone fashion until the 80s.  Often people associate the word Zultanite with it, which is a brand name for Diaspore that comes from a particular mine in Turkey. Diaspore’s hardness is 6.5 to 7 on the Mohl’s so its alright to use in a ring.  In fact it could be a nice addition to a gold ring that could perhaps even include highlights of diamonds.  All in all Diaspore is an impressive gemstone with color change properties that should capture the curiosity and appreciation of any one that likes gemstones and jewelry.