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1837 Liberty Head Hard Times Token

 This post will take a look at an1837 Liberty Head Hard Times Token.  On the front is Lady Liberty flanked by stars on each side with American motto in latin words E Pluribus Unum.  The bottom of the obverse displays the year 1837.  During this period in US history a depression was going on and tokens like this were used as money (hence why it is called a Hard Times token).  On the reverse is the phrase "MILLIONS FOR DEFENSE NOT ONE CENT FOR TRIBUTE."  This was coined by Robert Goodloe Harper in the late 1700s in defiance of a request of bribes by Talleyrand (French Foreign Minister) in order to negotiate.  Apparently this wasn't something out of the ordinary for Talleyrand to request, American diplomats were offended.  The Quasi War occurred shortly afterwards and lasted for a couple of years.

US 290 10 Cent Stamp 1898 Hardships of Emigration Trans-Mississippi Expo Issue Used

In this post we have a US 290 10 cent stamp Hardships of Emigration from the Trans-Mississippi Expo Issue. this It is used as you'll notice the cancellation on it.  Perhaps not the best looking cancellation but these generally don't.  As far as the centering, it appears to be very good. The theme of this stamp is of a family emigrating to the Western United State in a covered wagon and in this case dealing with problem with one of their horses.

1927 US Air Mail C10 Lindbergh Stamp

This post is about the topic of a 1927 US Air Mail C10 Lindbergh Stamp unused.  It commemorates Charles Lindbergh being the first aviator to do a nonstop solo transatlantic (among other first things). He completed it in 33 and half hours.   The plane used for this venture was called the Spirit of St. Louis which has a single engine aircraft monoplane built by a T.C. Ryan.  Lindbergh's flight inspired the increased use of airplanes for transport purposes.

Greek 20 Drachma Coin from 1976

This post will examine a 1976 Greek 20 Drachma coin which can be looked at in the photographs at the end of this entry.  Its condition appears to be that of extra fine. I rather enjoy the design which has on its front an image of The Parthenon which is an ancient building in Athens, Greece which was built to honor the mythological goddess Athena.  On the bottom of the front is the date and the words: EAAHNIKH AEMOKPATIA which in English means the Greek Democracy.    Also notice the word: APAXMAI which is the name of the currency, in English: Drachma.  The back of this coin has a helmeted Pericles who was a noteworthy politician and general and who was born about 500 years BC.  Pericles contributions to the ancient Athenian Empire were profound, not only from a military standpoint but also from an educational one as he promoted the arts and literature.  This coin is constructed out of a combination of copper and nickel.  Its weight is 11 grams and is diameter measurement: 29 millimete

2009 India 10 Rupees Banknote

Indian Rupee Bank Notes From India Ten Rupees Paper Money 2009 “INR” Uang Kertas 10 Sepuluh Rupees Dari Negara India In India the currency is called the rupee.  The Indian rupee’s code is INR and while this name of money there has been in use for hundreds of years the bank notes of the current era began when the country became independent of England in 1949.  The newest series of paper bills began being printed in the year 1996. See the following pictures of a 2009 ten rupees bank note and which feature a picture of Mahatma Gandhi on its front.  Notice there use of several different language on this bill as well which is representative of the large number of languages there.  The obverse also has the words Reserve Bank of India.  The back of this currency bill has a picture of a tiger, elephant, rhino.  This example of one that we have is 10 rupee note is uncirculated.  Please contact at for any questions. Rupee adalah uang kertas dari Negara Neger

1925 Lexington Concord 1 C Stamp # 617

This post is about a 1925 Lexington Concord 1 C Stamp # 617.  It features a scene with George Washington taking control of the Continental Army in the American Revolutionary War against the British.  He was appointed as General, Commander and Chief of the Continental Army.  This stamp is mint hinged with original gum and appears to be very fine in its centering.

2009 Lincoln Commemorative Uncirculated US Silver Dollar

On this posting we have a most beautiful 2009 Lincoln Commemorative Uncirculated Silver Dollar which is pictured below.  On the front side is a take on the great American President: Abraham Lincoln.  The reverse quotes a well known portion of the Emancipation Proclamation.  There were only 500,000 of this type of coin struck and the reason it was produced is to remember or commemorate the 200th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth. It is composed of 90% percent silver and has .7734 ounces of the precious metal in it. Below we have photos of this 2009 Lincolon Silver Dollar.  It’s design is one of the more memorable of US commemorative coins made in the last few years. Koin perak satu Dollar peringatan  dari negara Amerika Serikat tahun 2009.

GUESS By Marciano White Denim Jacket

GUESS By Marciano Limited Edition By Guess Georges Marciano Vintage Denim And Lace Western Trucker Crop Moto Jacket In White Color, Classic Jaket Jean Dan Brokat Vintage/Antik Untuk Wanita Vintage Jaket Jean dan brokat  limited edition hanya satu satu-nya tidak ada yang punya jaket langka barang  Antik dan Unik  untuk fashionista’s yang suka dan hobi mengkoleksi barang-barang antik atau pakaian/baju vintage antik.  A Classic vintage style crop western denim and lace jacket with matching buttons. Size M,  ITEM DETAILS: Excellent Condition No Hole Or Marks, Year Made 1990′s , Brand: Original  Guess By Georges Marciano,Fabric Content: 100% Cotton,2% Elastane. Country of Origin: USA, CONDITION: Mint Like New, SIZE AND MEASUREMENTS: Marked Size: M Estimated modern size: Women’s size M medium, Armpit to Armpit: 24.5″, Shoulder to bottom: 24.5”, Shoulder hem to hem: 21″,  Armpit to cuff: 18″, Shoulder hem to cuff: 24″, 100% Guarantee Authentic Guess USA, Untuk/For Harga/Price  Please cont