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1989 Egypt Paper Money Fifty Piastres

1989 Egypt Paper Money Fifty Piastres Bank Note “EGP” Pound Uang Kertas 50-Lima Puluh Piastres Dari Negara Egypt Tahun 1989 In Egypt the currency used is known as the Egyptian Pound (symbol EGP) and it is divided into the smaller denomination known as the Piastre (100 Piastres equals 1 EGP).  Bank notes have been produced there since the year 1899. Below we have a 50 Piastre paper bill from the year 1989.  Its is in uncirculated condition and this particular design of bank note has the Al Azhar mosque on its front.  The back of it has the pharaoh Ramses the second in the middle and an ancient seal to the right.  Central Bank of Egypt plus the bill’s denomination of Fifty Piastres is also printed on the back side.  The writing on this bill is in English and Arabic.   The coloring of it is in mostly greens and oranges. Please email or sms us for the price , Thank you. “EGP” Pound adalah Mata uang dari Negara Egypt, Uang kertas 50 lima puluh Piastres uang kertas jaman dulu