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1943d denver mint thomas jefferson us silver nickel coin koin perak kuno dari negara usa lima cents

Here we will look at a silver 1943 D Denver Thomas Jefferson Nickel 5 cents piece.  In this year the D mint made 15.294 million of these which is a somewhat less of a production than comparable war nickels.  This coin is partially made out of silver, in fact thirty five percent of it is made out of the precious metal.  It has precisely .05626 ounces of silver included in it.  Most of the rest of this coin (56%) is of the metal copper and the remainder Manganese.  As you may have noticed in the photos below ours is not the greatest looking example.  Perhaps it may grade in the very good, V8 range.  These coins unfortunately (maybe because of their metal composite) do not take to wear very well and often look like this.

Jefferson Nickels feature third President of the USA Thomas Jefferson on their obverse.   He is well remembered for his contributions to early America including his role with the Declaration of Independence, the Louisiana Purchase, state’s rights and use of the Marines in the Barbary Wars including Tripoli.  The back of the these nickels have Monticello which was the self-designed home of Jefferson and is a very nice historic place to visit (located in Charlottesville, Virginia).


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In this post we will discuss an 1985 Indonesia 10000 Rupiah Banknote.  On its front side is an image of heroine (female hero) Raden Ayu Kartini who was an important figure and advocate for women’s rights in Indonesia.  She argued that the culture in Java (at the time) did not allow women to develop intellectually as they were often secluded and forced into arranged marriages at young ages.  She wrote about these and other issues.  After she died a foundation in her name was set up by a Dutch family who built several schools in her name.  Later on President Sukarno established a national holiday in her name.  Also on the front of this banknote is a picture of Candi Prambanan Temple.  The back side of this paper money has an image of a female receiving her diploma. Take a look at the pictures of our 1985 Sepuluh Rebu Rupiah currency banknote below.  Its appears to be in extremely fine condition with minimal wear and no pin holes or stains. Uang kertas kuno uang jaman d

1837 Liberty Head Hard Times Token

 This post will take a look at an1837 Liberty Head Hard Times Token.  On the front is Lady Liberty flanked by stars on each side with American motto in latin words E Pluribus Unum.  The bottom of the obverse displays the year 1837.  During this period in US history a depression was going on and tokens like this were used as money (hence why it is called a Hard Times token).  On the reverse is the phrase "MILLIONS FOR DEFENSE NOT ONE CENT FOR TRIBUTE."  This was coined by Robert Goodloe Harper in the late 1700s in defiance of a request of bribes by Talleyrand (French Foreign Minister) in order to negotiate.  Apparently this wasn't something out of the ordinary for Talleyrand to request, American diplomats were offended.  The Quasi War occurred shortly afterwards and lasted for a couple of years.


Here we have a 1986 Indonesian 5000 Lima Ribu Rupiah currency banknote. On its front or obverse is a picture of Teuku Umar (1854 to 1899) who was leader an Aceh force against Dutch Colonial rule and who today is a Pahlawan Nasional Indonesia (National Indonesian Hero). The reverse or backside of this paper money has a picture of Menara Kudus Mosque which was built in 1549 and is where Sunan Kudus (Islamic Saint of Java) cemetary is located. This building is among the oldest mosques in Indonesia. This 1986 Indonesia 5000 Lima Ribu Rupiah currency banknote is crisp and is in uncirculated condition. Ini uang kertas Lima Rebu Rupiah kondisi baru uang lama belum ter pakai.